Why Hollywood won’t cast Kim Cattrall anymore

Sex and the City was an outlet for women — single, married or somewhere in between — to feel empowered and encouraged as they followed four fierce girlfriends through their dating escapades in New York City with quirky men that were far too relatable to our real-life love interests. But specifically, the show introduced fans to Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, who was a sex-positive muse, fabulous friend, and savvy public relations professional. Samantha was a feminist icon, and one of the show’s standout characters, which propelled Cattrall to TV stardom, earned her multiple awards and accolades, and landed her spots in films such as 15 Minutes (2001) and Ice Princess (2005).

But in later years, Cattrall has faded into the background, only starring in few faceless movie and TV productions and pursuing work outside of the entertainment industry. So what happened? Why won’t Hollywood cast her in major productions? Here’s the untold truth about Kim Cattrall’s career.

Insomnia has affected her roles

Most people know that celebrities often take their onscreen talents to Broadway, as seen with Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park with George (2017) or Kristen Bell in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2001). So fans were thrilled when Cattrall landed a starring role in the Royal Court Theatre’s production of Linda (2015). After all, the role was oddly similar to Cattrall’s iconic Sex and the City character Samantha Jones: Linda was a middle-age woman who struggled to stay relevant and visible in society.

However, in July 2015, the actress suffered a debilitating bout with chronic insomnia that left her restless and exhausted. Though she reportedly tried cognitive behavior therapy to help her overcome the disorder, it ultimately led to her dropping out of the show. That may have been the best decision for Cattrall personally, but it definitely hurt her professional standing. Noma Dumezweni replaced her in the play, and by the time the show premiered “nobody was talking about Kim Cattrall.”

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